Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Plate

Surface structureCode No.FeaturesApplication
Conventional spangleZSpangles condensated on zinc coating under normal conditions after galvanizing.Commercial purposes
Small spangleXSurface in spangles smaller than conventional ones and due to controlled condensation of zinc coating.Applications where conventional spangles cannot meet the surface appearance requirements.
Skin passed spangleGSurface structure after special skin pass treatment.Applications of high surface quality requirements, such as color coating base plates.
Skin passed small spangleGX
Zero spangleNNo visible spangles on coating surface as a result of a special production process.
Zn-Fe alloyRNo spangle, gray, normally matteApplicable to further painting


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Galvanization is a manufacturing process that uses zinc for coating a flat piece of metal. This gives out the best quality galvanized plate or sheet. For hot dip galvanized steel plate, the hot-dip galvanization method is the most reliable way of protecting steel materials against corrosion.

Galvanized steel sheet metal and plate are commonly useful in applications where industrial applications prefer corrosion resistance. It provides a lifespan of more than 20 years at reasonable temperatures. In addition, it gives out many qualities and features.

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High Quality Galvanized Steel Plate 

Galvanized steel sheet and plate offer superior qualities and perfect resistance to corrosion. Also, they have extensive molding and coating capabilities. Get the best grade of galvanized steel plate and sheet here in bulk.

When you apply a protective coating of zinc to iron or steel to prevent premature corrosion and rust. Hot-dip galvanization protects the material from rust. Moreover, it provides an easy inspection process.

Users can cut, machine, and weld the galvanized sheet or plate using the same methods as ordinary steel. However, adequate ventilation is necessary to avoid fume inhalation during heating. Have a high quality steel plate for bulk projects.

Moreover, they are cost effective which can save a lot of cost if your business is buying in bulk. Using galvanized plates can reduce maintenance and increase life expectancy. Therefore, purchasing at HK Aluminum is the ideal choice for everyone.

Applications of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Plate

Hot-dip galvanized plates are primarily useful in the construction of roofs, doors, chassis, trunk lids, windows, and rolling doors. Also, for hanging frames, fuel tanks, car covers, metal sashes, and color-coated substrates, they work effectively.

Hot dip galvanized steel plate is commonly used for electrical equipment such as freezers, refrigerator bases and enclosures, and kitchen appliances. Moreover, the main purpose of these plates is to provide increased corrosion protection without the need for painting.

Galvanized steel is suitable for all the applications that require rust resistance materials at market competitive prices. Also, for materials that need ultraviolet protection and easy integration. All the industries using hot-dip galvanization are:

  • Agriculture equipment
  • Automobile accessories
  • Appliances
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Stampings
  • Railroad tracks
  • Strappings
  • Automotive frames

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Compared to stainless steel, galvanized sheets and plates are less costly and provide up to years of rust-free protection. Meanwhile, it maintains strength because of a durable surface coating.

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Product Specification:

  • Galvanized hot dip steel plate DC51D,also named as hot dip galvanized steel sheet DC51D+Z and hot dip zinc coated steel plate and coil DC51D+ZF.Under Q/BQB 420 steel standard, there are DC51D+Z,DC51D+ZF which is for bending and profiling quality,DC52D+Z,DC52+ZF which is for drawing quality,DC53+Z,DC53+ZF which is for deep drawing quality,DC54D+Z,DC54D+ZF which is for special deep drawing quality,DC56D+Z,DC56D+ZF which is for extra deep drawing quality.
  • DX51D stands for galvanized steel sheet. The first D means flat steel for cold forming. The X means the rolling state is indefinite. 51 is the series number of the steel. The second D means hot dipped galvanized.
  • If the X become C, namely DC51D, it means that the substrate rolling state is cold rolling. While DD51D means that the rolling rolling state of the substrate is hot rolling.
  • What’s more, it’s easy to see DX51D-Z, DX51D-ZF or DX51D-AZ. The Z means that the galvanized coating is Zinc. ZF means that the galvanized coating is Zn-Fe alloy. AZ means that the galvanized coating is galvalume.
  • DX51D galvanized coils are produced according to EN 10346. The thickness of the zinc coating varies depending on consumers’ requirements.
  • DX51D galvanized coils are widely used for the production of steel structures, roofs, window profiles, drainage and ventilation systems, roads barriers, bridges, and household appliances (cases and internal parts).
  • DX51D steel products are produced in coils 0.4-1.6 mm thick and 950-1250 mm wide. The inner diameter of the coil is 600±20 mm and outer diameter is up to 1300 mm. Coil weight is up to 8 tons. Coils are supplied with cut edges (mill edges are also possible).
  • Chemical composition and mechanical properties according to EN 10346.

Note: Tolerances for dimensions and shapes are outlined in EN 10143 (tolerances for width are for coils a minimum of 0.7 mm thick).

Note: Requirements for forming and weldability of finished products should be taken into consideration when ordering the weight of zinc coating.

Applications and features are given as following table:

Steel GradeApplicationFeature
DC51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z, St03Z) , DC51D+ZFCommercial purposeLow carbon and/or ultra-low carbon steel
DC52D+Z (St04Z), DC52D+ZFDrawing
DC53D+Z (St05Z), DC53D+ZFDeep drawingUltra-low carbon steel
DC54D+Z (St06Z), DC54D+ZFExtra deep drawing
DD54D+Z (St06ZR)
DC56D+Z (St07Z), DC56D+ZFSupreme extra deep drawing

Chemical Composition %:

Cold Rolled Steel SheetDC51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z, St03Z) , DC51D+ZF≤0.10≤0.50≤0.035
DC52D+Z (St04Z), DC52D+ZF≤0.08≤0.45≤0.030
DC53D+Z (St05Z), DC53D+ZF≤0.08≤0.40≤0.030
DC54D+Z (St06Z), DC54D+ZF≤0.01≤0.10≤0.30≤0.025
DC56D+Z (St07Z), DC56D+ZF≤0.01≤0.10≤0.30≤0.025
Hot Rolled Steel SheetDD51D+Z (St01ZR, St02ZR)≤0.10≤0.50≤0.035
DD54D+Z (St06ZR)≤0.01≤0.10≤0.30≤0.025


Mechanical Performances & Coating Adhesiveness
GradeMechanical performancesCoating Adhesiveness
Yield Strength MPTensile Strength MP ≥After Breakage Percent Elongation (LO=80mm,b=20mm)% ≥Bending Center Diameter in Following Coating Weight (g/m2)c (a=plate thickness)
Under following nominal thickness mm≤140/140>140/140~175/175>175/175
DC51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z, St03Z) , DC51D+ZF270~50020220a1a2a
DC52D+Z (St04Z), DC52D+ZF140~300270~4202426
DC53D+Z (St05Z), DC53D+ZF140~260270~3802830
DC54D+Z (St06Z)140~220270~3503436
DC56D+Z (St07Z)120~180270~3503840


Surface Treatment
Chromate treatment (L)Chromate treatment is a chemical treatment with an aim to prevent white rusts formed on product surfaces during transportation and storage.
Oiling (Y)Oiling is to prevent white rusts formed on product surfaces during transportation and storage.
Chromate treatment+ Oiling (LY)Chromate treatment+ Oiling (LY) This treatment with oiling after surface chromate treatment is to further avoid the forming of white rusts.

Surface quality:

Code No.Features
FB (O3)It is allowed for the existence of small erosion spots, dark spots, strip marks, minor chromate treatment defects and small zinc particles.
FC (O4)No erosion spot is allowed. However, it is allowed for the existence of light impression, scratches, zinc flow ripple marks, minor chromate treatment defects in small range, while the other side must reach FB requirements at least.
FD (O5)One side of relatively good quality must further restrict on defects, namely appearance quality after painting is not affected, and the other side must reach FB requirements at least.

Steel grade reference list of the standards, the cited standards and other standards:

Q/BQB 420-2003EN10142:2000 EN10147:2000 EN10292:2000EN 10142:1990 EN 10147:1991JISG3302-1994ASTMA653M-2002
DC51D+Z (St01Z, St02Z, St03Z) , DC51D+ZFDC51D+Z, +ZFFeP02GZ, ZFSGCCCS type C
DC52D+Z (St04Z), DC52D+ZFDC52D+Z, +ZFFeP03GZ, ZFSGCCCS type A, type B
DC53D+Z (St05Z), DC53D+ZFDC53D+Z, +ZFFeP05GZ, ZFSGCD1FS type A, type B
DC56D+Z (St07Z), DC56D+ZFDC56D+Z, +ZFDX56D+Z, +ZF (SEW 021)SGCD3EDDS
Q/BQB 420 Hot-dip galvanized/zinc-iron alloy/zinc-magnesium alloy coated steel sheet and strip
Steel NameHot dip galvanized/cold rolled substrateHot dip galvanized/ hot rolled substrateZinc iron alloyZinc magnesium alloy
Mild steel or interstitial-free steelDC51D+ZDD51D+ZDC51D+ZFDC51D+ZM
Carbon structural steel or low alloy steelS220GD+ZS220GD+ZFS220GD+ZM
Interstitial-free high-strength steelHC180YD+ZHC180YD+ZFHC180YD+ZM
Bake Hardened SteelHC180BD+ZHC180BD+ZFHC180BD+ZM
Low Alloy High Strength SteelHC260LAD+ZHC260LAD+ZFHC260LAD+ZM
Duplex steelHC250/450DPD+ZHC250/450DPD+ZFHC250/450DPD+ZM
Transformation induced plasticity steelHC380/590TRD+ZHC380/590TRD+ZF
Complex phase steelHC570/780CPD+ZHD660/760CPD+Z
Hardened Ductile SteelHC600/980QPD+Z