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Aluminum in place of steel and screws in place of welds. The advantages include minimal weight with the greatest stability and quick assembly because of cutting-edge attaching technology. But what kinds of aluminum profiles mechanical are there for items? For those who are unfamiliar with the world of items, this post answers these inquiries.

The cost savings over steel and unwavering adaptability. More than 4,500 mutually compatible components presently offer all these benefits, and the selection is always growing. 

Additionally, the item’s anodized aluminum profile manufacturers list 2024 have flanks with an angled groove. The groove flanks press on the fasteners in the elastic range when fasteners are employed in the groove, resulting in extra pre-tensioning that makes the fasteners even more secure. 

This is a significant benefit, for instance, when it comes to vibrations in a machine base. Engineers all across the world employ item modular profile technology in a variety of projects these days, from basic frames to completely automated manufacturing lines. 

Varieties of High Toughness Aluminum Profiles Mechanical

Apart from the conventional wholesale aluminum profile used in construction, there exist two more varieties: Line X and the Profile Tube System D30 profile tubes.

Conversely, Profile KH serves as an environmentally friendly. However, a metal-free substitute for aluminum profiles mechanical is also employed in EMC applications. 

Types Of Aluminum Profiles and Their Salient Features 

Five categories are useful to categorize the aluminum item construction profiles: Lines 5 and 6. These various aluminum profiles are made to accommodate various user needs. This also satisfies different demands by utilizing three geometric qualities. 

Each line is unique in relation to the following: 

  • Modular dimension: The external dimensions of each line are 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 mm, and are primarily square profiles. All four sides have continuous grooves. 
  • Dimension of the groove: As the modular dimension increases, so do the groove’s size and load-bearing capability. The groove serves as the anchor for most profile connections. Additionally, panel pieces are anchored to the groove. 
  • Bore diameter: The aluminum profiles’ end faces have a stable fastening point provided by the core bore. You can tap a thread after using this bore as a foundation. 

Line 5: Thin Aluminum Profiles Mechanical for Fine Work 

Line 5 aluminum profiles are perfect for all types of weight-optimized projects because of their modular 20 mm dimension. You can complete the applications that are modern, reliable, and adaptable with Line 5 profiles. 

These profiles are especially suited the compact and space-saving jigs, covers, and handling equipment because of their tiny outside dimensions and design aluminum pergola. They also conserve resources because of their low material usage. 

There are two types of grooves on Line 5 aluminum profiles mechanical: closed and open. The issue of dirt buildup in grooves is resolved with a closed groove.

The Less Heavy Option: Line 6 Aluminum Profiles 

Line 6 profiles with a 30 mm modular dimension are perfect for any type of building that aims to minimize weight. By using these aluminum profiles, you can rely on a sturdy, svelte design and easily modify the way materials are used for the work at hand. 

Once more, grooves can be used either way for galvanized steel coil supplier process. The latter are particularly attractive in appearance and are also simple to maintain. Display cases, tables, and cover hoods are made both aesthetically pleasing and useful by using Line 6 profiles.


The aluminum profile tubes’ unique geometry accounts for their exceptional efficiency. Fastener D30 encloses four slender, undercut flanks. The fastener is friction-based in the direction of the primary load, but it is mechanically locked in the other direction. It is possible to attach struts individually to each of the four sides. 

All the connections needed can be made by one person using a single tool. The five colors of Profile Tubes D30 aid in easy orienting and make it easier to distinguish between different parts or frames. If you’ve any customized requirements for the best quality profiles, HK Aluminum is the right choice. Connect with our suppliers to buy affordable Aluminum Profiles Mechanical now.

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