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Do you recycle foil made of aluminum? The answer is yes! The fact that aluminum foil recyclable is typically covered in food is the largest obstacle to recycling it rather than the material itself, which is 100% recyclable.

In the past, products containing organic material, such as caked-on lasagna, oil splatters, and cupcake icing, have not been able to be recycled by recycling processing centers due to the high cost of cleaning the product before recycling.

Therefore, even though foil and aluminum cans are composed of the same material and are equally recyclable. You were prohibited from using them together for a considerable amount of time.

The same metal used to make Coke cans is also used to make foil. Aluminum foil is typically not recyclable in curbside bins since it is often tainted with food waste or used with plastic to form items like yogurt container tops.

Clean foil is nevertheless accepted by a number of transfer stations, curbside programs, and metal recyclers. To find out about local recycling opportunities and standards for aluminum foil, check with your recycling program.

The Reasons for Aluminum Foil Recyclable  

One of the most valuable elements that can you recycle aluminum foil. Which can be converted back into new aluminum in just sixty days. As per the U.S. Energy Information Agency, about 60% of the aluminum produced in the country is recycled.

This means that it uses 90% less electricity than virgin aluminum goods that are derived from bauxite ore. One ton of recycled aluminum may save 14,000 kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to lighting a 100-watt lightbulb for 140,000 hours, according to Stanford University.

According to Boston Consulting Group, states with vigorous recycling programs process up to 90% of aluminum cans and foil distributed, while other states process an average of only 35%. Due to the widespread recycling of automobiles and other heavy machinery, up to 75% of all the aluminum foil recyclable.

In 2018, the most recent year for which data is available, 2.7 million tons of aluminum were landfilled, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. By 2021, recycling that metal would save energy equivalent to 378 billion hours of light from a 100-watt bulb, roughly 1,140 hours, or 47.5 days, of lighting every year for all 331.9 million Americans.

Getting Ready for Aluminum Foil Recycling

Consider taking some time to understand types of disc and how to properly prepare foil for recycling before you visit a transfer station to dispose of it.

  • Ensure that the foil is as spotless as it can be. Although holes and burns won’t stop the metal from being recycled, you must take off any food residue from the foil, such as meat, grease, or sauces. A soiled foil piece cannot be recycled.
  • You will have to discard foil if it has come into contact with other materials (such as drink cartons, candy wrappers, and yogurt tops) and you are unable to separate it.
  • As foil cannot be separated into its constituent parts using existing technology. It is regarded as recycling contamination when combined with other materials to form a composite.
  • Light materials like aluminum foil recyclable have the potential to blow up and clog recycling machinery. To make it easier to separate from other products, crumple all of the foil into a single ball.

Process Of Recycling:

1. Eliminate All Food

If there is no food residue on the aluminum foil, it can be recycled. Aluminum that has come into contact with food should not be recycled. If the foil isn’t clean, try rinsing it before discarding it.

2. Before Recycling, Ball It Up

Keep your clean pieces of aluminum foil and roll them all into a ball until it is at least two inches in diameter. Tiny and loose foil fragments could be too small to be recycled at facilities. They might wind up as trash during transit if they get blown away or snagged in machinery.

3. Check for Food Contamination on Aluminum Foil

After using a piece of tin foil, make sure to shake off any remaining food particles and place them in your garbage. After cleaning the dishes, just give them a quick rinse to get rid of any remaining particles.

It is crucial that there be no food contamination on the foil because food particles and other elements can seriously impede the recycling process. The aluminum foil recyclable will have to be thrown in the usual trash if it is extremely dirty with baked-on grease or cheese that you are unable to remove.

Remember that the next time you prepare meals with tin foil. Make arrangements in advance for it to be recycled and is it can aluminum rust?

4. Set The Materials Apart

Next, make sure that everything going into your recycling container is completely separated. Including any aluminum foil from plastic or other items.

  • It is much simpler to sort and recycle it manually and automatically when it is kept apart from other recyclables in plants.
  • This entails completely removing the aluminum from trays or other container materials. It’s a small step that increases the likelihood that it will be given another opportunity in life.

What Is Heavy-Duty Aluminum?

Heavy duty aluminum foil is a kind of foil that is more robust and thicker than ordinary aluminum foil, as the name suggests. It is resilient enough to withstand prolonged freezing storage, extreme heat, and heavy food products.

Additionally, it makes for a superior option for campfire packages due to its increased thickness. Additionally, although costs differ between brands, heavy-duty foil is always going to cost more, as was already said.


Aluminum foil may not be accepted curbside due to contamination hazards. While most recycling systems will accept aluminum cans in curbside bins. Before you place aluminum foil in your bin, make sure you confirm that your local program accepts it curbside. If you’re looking for affordable aluminum foil roll manufacturers, we have the best grade aluminum foil recyclable to use in commercial and household applications. You may get a free quote on purchasing in bulk.

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